[scribus] Removing images from image frames

Michael Chamness chamness at daktel.com
Wed Aug 4 01:53:39 CEST 2010

  I have exactly the same results as mentioned in moving the image and 
getting an empty frame. My weekly bulletin covers use about four images, 
so I park them on the desktop, construct the cover and bring in the 
images, and then print about 50 copies for congregational use. Then I 
take the images on the desktop and park them into permanent image files. 
My Scribus document then shows empty image frames with the red "X" 
through them, and I'm ready to construct the next week's forms. I 
thought this was the way it was supposed to work. I've never seen any 
faint or faded images in those empty locations. Scribus running 
on Windows VISTA, 2 gigs RAM, AMD 64 processor.

Michael F. Chamness
618 - 2nd Street
Montpelier, North Dakota 58472
(701) 489-3638

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