[scribus] How can I remove an image from and Image Frame?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Aug 3 11:34:08 CEST 2010

salut louis,

>>> How can I remove an image from an image frame?  I am using Scribus
>>> in Kubuntu 10,04.
>> Undoubtedly not the proper way to do it, but I found (inadvertently) that
>> if you move the location of the image, it disappears  from the frame!
> Now this is unexpected! The program should instead mention that there is a
> broken link to an image and still be able to show that image at low
> resolution. It should simply ask to restore the link.
> I wonder what are the reasons why the image should disappear. This leads to
> prgramming concerns.
> Back to the initial question, one other way of removing an image from an
> image frame is getting a new one into the same image frame. One image will
> simply replace the other.

by default, scribus does not store the images in the .sla file so 
showing a preview is not really trivial.

in 1.5svn there is an image cache... so it may be possible to show a 
lowres preview for missing images: but it is really needed?

on the other side, showing a warning for a missing image, is certainly a 
this is already the case in 1.3.8 (the name of the missing image is 
shown in red bold letters.) should it be blinking?

and in the image manager you have a button to search for the missing 
image in selected folders.
iirc, this tool has already been enhanced in 1.5svn

as i've already, written, it's not a good idea to rename an image to 
clear the content of an image frame and scribus already has a clean way 
to do it (edit > content > clear).

so: are we facing a storm in a tea pot?


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