[scribus] Quark vs. Scribus, redux

Michael Chamness chamness at daktel.com
Tue Aug 3 06:53:45 CEST 2010

  I would agree that cost should not be the determinant, but rather the 
appropriate utility of any program. As I said, the application you know 
how to use is a good application if it meets your needs. But when 
dealing with programs like QuarkXpress, cost is important, because it is 
(or used to be) quite expensive, aimed at the professional publishing 
market.  It came out of Colorado back then, but was sold and departed 
for Switzerland last time I looked. Maybe that helped. I was not 
fortunate in my working life (I'm 71 and retired now) to ever make much 
money, and the outlay for Quark was the biggest computer expense for me 
in that decade. Cost was important to me, and I suspect its important to 
most people when they consider new software. And yes, open source 
software has a definite advantage in the constant improvement from many 
users. There are countless reasons why we buy what we do, and if we have 
wives, they add to the mix - color, seat covers, whatever. But I'll bet 
price is way up there in most people's minds, no matter what they may say.

I thought I was the only person still living who had used Coherent at 
one time, so was surprised when John Culleton mentioned it. I always 
carefully read most things he submits, he seems to be very wise and 
experienced in publishing, scribus, and other computer topics. He's one 
of the significant regulars in this forum.

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