[scribus] install 1.3.3.x on MacOSX 10.4 PPC?

Dan Krimm dklists at munb.com
Fri Apr 30 07:29:33 CEST 2010

Sorry for the newbie question here.  Pardon the following long message; I
tried a bunch of things and came up short.

I want to use Scribus just as a user for a one-off layout project, and I
want to use the stable version, but can't get it installed.

 * My platform:  PowerBook G4 running MacOS X 10.4.11 (PPC cpu)
   (yeah old, but it works, has 1GB ram, 1.5GHz -- I'm guessing it probably
is sufficient in principle)

The only .dmg installer (at SourceForge) seems to be for 1.3.6, and I
figured I'd at least try it, and it installed without a problem.  But it
immediately quits at startup and leaves me with the following error in the
error log:

Symbol not found: _open$UNIX2003
  Referenced from:
  Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

I did a web search on "Symbol not found: _open$UNIX2003" and it could be
related to some builds of various other SW that don't go back to OS X 10.4,
maybe... (?)

Anyway, I really just want to use the stable version, so I tried to do the
suggested 1.3.3.x installs (Fink/MacPorts).  Since both require Xcode, I
registered at the Apple Developer site in order to try to get it, but then
saw that I have to be running Snow Leopard on Intel, so I couldn't get to
the download even when logged in.  So I can't do either of these installs.
I don't really feel up to trying to install from source code manually,
especially on a PPC (I'm fine using terminal, and I've done perl/cgi, but
not real development).

Am I just hosed here?  Does anyone know if I can get a copy of Xcode that
will work on my PPC for these installs (and if so, how)?  Is my system just
too darned obsolete to be bothering with this?

 - I do have X11 (I recently discovered GIMP and that's working beautifully).

 - I also got ghostscript-8.71-macosx which is sitting in my Applications
directory where I assume it should be.

I'm happy to get either Fink or MacPorts, but unless I can get Xcode (for
PPC?) it doesn't seem useful.

Wish someone had a .dmg installer for 1.3.3.x (to work on Mac PPC OSX 10.4

Or, if there's a known quick fix to get 1.3.6 to work on my platform from
the current .dmg, that would be fine (I'll take my chances with the
developer version if that's the only option...).

Thanks for any help.

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