[scribus] color opacity

Richard Chonak rac at gabrielmass.com
Tue Apr 27 08:20:40 CEST 2010

Dear Friends,

I'm following the instructions in the "Quick Start Guide"  (the 
'Rembrandt' tutorial),
and need a clarification.

In one of the instructions for text frames on the page, the tutorial says:

 >>Switch to the "Color" tab and set "Shade" to 50% and "Opacity" to 20%.

In the text frame properties "Color and Effects" box, there is a color 
menu and there is a percentage option.  That appears to control the 
shade, but there isn't a second percentage control for opacity.  Am I 
looking in the right place?

(I'm working with scribus 1.3.5 on Mandriva 2010.)


--Richard Chonak

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