[scribus] Copy of styles (Was: Taking the plunge with Scribus!)

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Apr 22 11:52:39 CEST 2010

hi bruce

> > 3) "Copy of" paragraph styles are a major hassle.  I often have a
> > paragraph style that for just one instance I want to centre instead
> > of justify, or make bold instead of italic, or change the text size
> > slightly, or whatever.  If Scribus feels honour-bound to keep each
> > of these once-only styles as a "Copy of" style, that's fine, but
> > please put them at the bottom of the list, so that I don't need to
> > wade through them to get the styles that I actually use.
> While I'm not quite sure what you mean, I know that there is an issue
> with copied styles in 1.3.5+, and it's one of the major reasons for
> not releasing version 1.4, yet.

this is a long term bug which -- afaik -- we can't reproduce reliably.

if you can find a step by step description on how to trigger the wild creation of copies please fill a bug report in


or send them to this list.

you may have to join the .sla file on which you see it. 


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