[scribus] Taking the plunge with Scribus!

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Apr 22 11:48:19 CEST 2010

hi christoph

> > 2) Escape is impossible from the Master Pages dialog box!  This one
> > drove me so nuts that I abandoned making master pages and just made
> > a separate rectangle and draped some text on top of it for the
> > bottom of each page.
> > Once you hit Edit/Master Pages, the dialog box that comes up (Edit
> > Master Pages) has no exit button.  The only way out, once you have
> > created the Master Pages that you want, is to exit the program and
> > restart!  I must be missing something here, but whatever the
> > solution is, it is far from obvious.  What is needed is a exit
> > button on that dialog box that saves the master pages you have
> > created and returns you to editing the document.
> Errm, did you see that little x in the title bar of the dialog? If
> not, blame it on Ubuntu ;)

can we please re-stop this ubuntu bashing?

this may be a window manager issue and there are window managers which don't display the boxes on the title bar (or even don't have a title bar at all).

most if not all scribus dialog can now be closed by typing the esc key. if not it's a bug and must be fixed.

in 1.3.6 the master pages can be closed with the esc key, so need to report a bug on this, though.


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