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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Thu Apr 22 02:42:02 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 21 April 2010 19:41:26 Bruce McIntyre wrote:
> Hello, Scribus gurus:
> Here are some major concerns:
> 1) Booklet printing.  I think I have this one licked, but it is going to
> take some serious explaining to get your average copy-center worker to
> follow the procedure in section 8.4.3 of the manual.  It would be a lot
> more convenient to incorporate booklet printing and imposition into the
> PDF export section of Scribus.  Under pressure, I made a silly decision
> to make full legal size pages with the imposition done myself, so my
> pages were 12-1, 2-11, 10-3, 4-9, 8-5, 6-7.  This worked with the FedEx
> Office people, but I found it time consuming to convert this to a normal
> order on half-pages to post a web version (in fact, as I write the first
> draft of this, I have one more to convert, two days after the end of the
> tournament, with e-mails wondering where these issues are!).  I think
> with a little experimentation with my own printer I can write a document
> detailing how to do the imposition within Acrobat Reader for the
> Penticton people.  But it would be a lot easier to have Scribus able to
> make the printer-version as a PDF export option.

I use whatever tool works best. For booklet printing I create a ps file, 
then manipulate it with the PSutil package. For example I create a ps file 
for a set of hymns on 8.5 x 11 pages, then handle the imposition form this 
script. the end result is a file for printing on the fronts of 17 x 11 pages 
and a file for printing the backs of 17 x 11 pages. I call the script with 
the name of the ps file, less the ps suffix such as
script1a easter
psbook $1.ps $1b.ps
echo 'psnup'
psnup -2 -ptabloid -Pletter $1b.ps $1p.ps
echo 'psselect'
psselect -o   $1p.ps $1o.ps
psselect -e -r  $1p.ps $1e.ps
#lpr $1o.ps
#echo 'switch paper'
#read x
#lpr $1e.ps
#rm $1p.ps $1e.ps $1o.ps $1b.ps

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