[scribus] Placing RGB images

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Apr 16 13:06:40 CEST 2010

> Is it ok to place RGB images into Scribus?

No problem. You should make sure that the images are tagged with their
correct colorspace (for example sRGB or AdobeRGB).
Scribus can use a default colorspace for non-tagged images, that works
if all images have the same colorspace.

> With color management enabled will it convert color spaces correctly?

It will convert colors according to color management. That will
however not solve all problems that can occur during color conversion.
But it will most likely be the same as when converting on Photoshop.

> 1. If i bring RGB to Scribus and print to ps, will the color space
> change from RGB to CMYK in the resulting postscript?

I am not sure about ps, but when you export to PDF you can choose
"Printer" as target and the PDF will be CMYK. ("Monitor" gives an RGB
PDF and "Grayscale" should be self explaining:-)
You will however need the correct color profile (FOGRA 27) installed
and selected for the document.

When using Scribus PDF export is the most reliable output, so you
should if possible always use it.


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