[scribus] text formatting - further help needed!

Keith Abraham kabraham at gmx.com
Wed Apr 14 23:25:57 CEST 2010

You're welcome Alison.

By the way there is a typo in my mail. It should read -

Work around:
Yet if at stage 3. one clicks "Get text" (not Edit text) and load the 
file via the file manager the file appears in the text as it should.

It's possible the developers missed this "bug" because most people would 
use "Get text" as their primary means of loading a text file.

Also scribus 1.3.6 does a better job of preserving the text formating of 
.odt files than does

I should also mention that I'm using Linux (Debian) rather than Mac OS 
but that shouldn't make much difference.

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