[scribus] text formatting - further help needed!

Keith Abraham kabraham at gmx.com
Wed Apr 14 22:49:03 CEST 2010

I see what Alison Saylor is getting at and she's correct.

Using 1.3.6 or
1.  create a text frame
2. right click on the frame
3. click "edit text"
4. select File/Load from File for .odt

all that then appears in the editor is "PK" and one or two other 
characters which I believe are control characters.*

Work around:*
Yet if at stage 3. one clicks "Load text" (not Edit text) and load the 
file via the file manager the file appears in the text as it should.

Also at stage 4. if one selects "All files (*)" an .odt file loads as it 

So there appears to be a bug in the .odt loading.

The problem requires more investigation because I think there is more 
merely than Alison's problem happening here. I have no time to 
investigate further so perhaps the developers could have a look at it. *

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