[scribus] Help with a Project

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Mon Apr 12 00:37:51 CEST 2010

> Submitted on 04/11/2010
> Submitted by anonymous user: []
> Submitted values are:
>    Message:
> I am seeking help on a web 2 print solution using Scribus or other
> codes to
> aid me in coding a site for Linux that will aloow users to design
> print
> output to a PDF etc.
> Thank You
>    Contact information:
>      Name: Rich H
>      Email Address: future at digitalprinthosting.com
>      Subject: Help with a Project
>    About your Scribus program:
>      Version: <p>1.5.0svn</p>
>      Prebuilt/Compiled: Prebuilt
>      Build Date:
>    Your operating system and CPU:
>      Type: Linux
>      Version: WinXP
>      CPU type:


Scribus is basically a DTP.

It is not intended to be used by web applications, in fact there are
no hooks into Scribus from the command line, other than starting the

For more information, see;

Homepage:       http://www.scribus.net
Documentation:  http://docs.scribus.net
Wiki:           http://wiki.scribus.net
Issues:         http://bugs.scribus.net



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