[scribus] frametoImage option

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Apr 7 14:21:38 CEST 2010

hi greg,
hi srikrishnan,

>> In Scribus, there is an option in the porperties menu for adjusting 
>> both frame to image and image to frame options. But in Scribus API I 
>> have found only "setScaleImageToFrame", but I am not able to find the 
>> other one. Is it other option also available?
> Yes, there is this option, but it's not in Properties.
> If you right-click on the frame to get the context menu, you will see 
> you can both adjust image to frame and adjust frame to image. As you 
> suggest, many times you want to do one, and then the other.

i guess it was about the scripter API...

srikrishnan, one the one side, you probably don't really want a 
setScaleFrameToImage function, since you won't know how big the frame 
afterwards is... this is ok in a interactive workflow, but i'm not sure 
it's a good idea in a script...

on the other side, i guess that you should be able to find all the 
information you need in the item properties.

finally, if you still think that this function is needed, you may write 
a feature request

i'm not sure it will be implemented in the near future... but who knows? 
(imho, it should be trivial to implement, but it's still some work to do 
and the developer ressources are currently limited...)

hope that helps

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