[scribus] Setting page numbering

Thorsten Panknin thp at thorstenpeh.de
Sun Apr 4 17:41:16 CEST 2010

Am 04.04.2010 16:50, schrieb Steven Dayton:
> I'm trying to find a way to set automatic page numbers to start with
> page 1on the second page of the document. I don't want the cover to be
> page one. right now the page number on the second page says 2. There
> must be a way to set it to read 1 but I can't seem to find it.
"Sections" and 2 page templates is the way to go here I think. I just 
successfully set up a 4-page document in Scribus 1.3.6 (Linux) in which 
pagination is invisible on page one, but starts with "1" on page 2. 
Notice though that the cover does not count towards the total page 
number anymore, not sure it could be made to.

Set up 2 page templates with one containing placeholder pagination and 
the other not containing it. Assign the one without placeholder 
pagination to your cover page, the other template assign it to the 
remaining pages.

I then went to Document properties -> Sections and set up 2 sections:

Section 1 only contains page 1 to 1 and begins at "0", section 2 
contains the remaining pages and starts at "1".

Hope that helps and good luck!

- Thorsten

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