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> On 04/03/2010 10:08 AM, Mike Sleger wrote:
> > This can be considered closed, thanks for all your help. Here is what I chose to do:
> >
> > 1. Page 1 (cover page) is just a full-page tiff image and doesn't *really* need to be included in the page layout file. I found a handy Convert Image to PDF tool (http://www.softinterface.com/Convert-Image-To-PDF%5CConvert-Tiff-To-PDF.htm<http://www.softinterface.com/Convert-Image-To-PDF%5CConvert-Tiff-To-PDF.htm>) that quickly and nicely converts the native TIF to PDF without placing it in any application.
> For future reference, though, it still seems like a memory issue. Don't 
> know if you might have had other processes running which were also 
> consuming RAM.

Most likely a memory issue, but I would think 3 GB would be enough RAM to generate a PDF from a 92 MB TIF.  The conversion works outside the Scribus environment.


> > 2. Exporting the remaining pages to PDF using Scribus 1.3.6 allows me to embed the Adobe outline font instead of outlining it, and the bold I's and l's issue goes away. There's also a lot of interface and feature improvements in 1.3.6, but I'm keeping a copy of the document for backup.
> This may not be a good routine solution. We had printing issues with our 
> 440+ page manual which were resolved by embedding fonts -- with 
> outlining, the file became so large it choked the printer's equipment, 
> i.e., it would only print one copy at a time.


As I said, I can now embed the font instead of outlining it by using 1.3.6.

> I think if you had looked at your PDF with high-mag you would have seen 
> these screen appearance issues disappear.


At maximum mag, you're right - they go away. But I think there are distinct advantages to having the font embedded instead of outlined in the PDF.

> > 3. I could just leave it at that and take two PDF files to the printer, but optionally I can use PDF Split and Merge (http://www.pdfsam.org/<http://www.pdfsam.org/>) to join the cover PDF and content PDF.
> >
> Talk to your printer. As John said, your printer may not want these two 
> PDFs together, since they probably won't be done at the same time, and 
> maybe not even on the same printing machinery.
> Greg
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