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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Fri Apr 2 23:21:23 CEST 2010

On Friday 02 April 2010 15:29:41 Harry Collier wrote:
> Microsoft bought-in Publisher (which is why it is one of the few
> long-term MS products that is stable, intuitive and works.)  As for
> pros .... avoid them like the plague; they just love obscure
> complications. For books and leaflets I started with Ventura Publisher
> (1.0!) and then moved on to Adobe PageMaker. I am a simple person: I
> want to import text; I want to import graphics; I want to specify
> colours / borders / italic / bold / font / size. I want to output.  I
> want to send my work of art to a commercial printer to be reproduced
> 1000 times. Mr Simple. I am still experimenting whether Scribus
> fulfils these criteria. If not: back to the options -- Ventura is
> still the only publishing software I have met that enables you to
> import text with tags (@MAIN=)  directly into a  publishing program.
> Harry
In my experience Scribus will do what you want and more. It is a bit weak 
on long, text-heavy books, and does not have the indexing capablilty found 
in other programs.

I don't think Publisher is being improved any more. 

BTW TeX is totally tag-driven.
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