[scribus] Scribus PDF Error

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Apr 2 21:44:01 CEST 2010

hi mike

> Personally, I'd consider unable to export to pdf a "serious problem",
> as in "call the fire trucks!".

you will tell me the next time you're house is burning... the day that happens, you will probably notice the difference.

i start to wonder why i should help you....

> I have 3.18 GB RAM with an additional 100000 MB virtual memory from
> the hard drive.  The file size is 1.35 MB.  Scribus would need to be
> *very* hungry for this to be a memory issue, as the crash also occurs
> from a fresh bootup with Scribus being the only app running.

3 GB should be indeed be enough. but scribus is really not optimized on the side of memory consumption.

> Copying the .sla to a different directory successfully exports the
> document, although this is not a viable solution as the PDF has no
> images in it.

it was not meant as a viable solution.

but the test has shown that the .sla is not broken.
this is a first step in trying to find out what the problem is.

please consider that we don't see your monitor nor have any access to your files.

the next steps would be to check your images (is the resolution of your images correct? are there broken images? can scribus read images correctly your images?).

if you're not using the color management system, you may try to convert all images to jpg and see if then it works.

btw, the size used in RAM will not depend on the size of the .sla file, but on the size of all the images inserted... just for your information.

> Also, lowercase "L" and uppercase "I" are all
> generated bold, despite having normal style and display in the .sla
> file.

this is probably only a display problem and the printed copy will be correct.
(the problem does not happen any more in the unstable versions of scribus)

> If I download a newer ("unstable") version of Scribus and open the
> document in the newer version to try the export (maybe the
> bug has since been fixed?), will the installation replace my current
>, or is there a way to have multiple installed versions of
> Scribus on the same machine?

having seen your reactions, i don't take the responsibility of suggesting you any other version than the stable version.


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