[scribus] Scribus PDF Error

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at msn.com
Fri Apr 2 15:09:21 CEST 2010

Personally, I'd consider unable to export to pdf a "serious problem", as in "call the fire trucks!".

I have 3.18 GB RAM with an additional 100000 MB virtual memory from the hard drive.  The file size is 1.35 MB.  Scribus would need to be *very* hungry for this to be a memory issue, as the crash also occurs from a fresh bootup with Scribus being the only app running.

Copying the .sla to a different directory successfully exports the document, although this is not a viable solution as the PDF has no images in it.  Also, lowercase "L" and uppercase "I" are all generated bold, despite having normal style and display in the .sla file.  This has the text looking ugly.  A different single-page sla using the same font exported to pdf just fine (L's and I's behaving normally), although there are no paragraph styles defined in the single-page file.  I require styles as it's the only way of specifying paragraph spacing, short of having a separate text frame for each paragraph.  Incidentally, why is there no option to include images with the .sla file?  Why is there no option for image links to be absolute paths instead of relative paths?  Why is there no option to Remove Unused from paragraph styles as there is for editing Colors?

If I were to upload the .sla, I expect the images would not show (by your suggestion of moving the .sla to another directory) and since the file exports without images (except for the L/I issue) I doubt a developer could reproduce the bug with the file.

Attempting to export one page at a time also causes the same crash.  I really don't want each page to be a separate pdf anyway.  I could try making each page a separate sla file (to see if the reduced file size works) but again I'd be stuck with a separate pdf for each page - undesirable when I get to my next document of 12 pages (3x the size of this one), and the next document which will be even larger.

If I download a newer ("unstable") version of Scribus and open the document in the newer version to try the export (maybe the bug has since been fixed?), will the installation replace my current, or is there a way to have multiple installed versions of Scribus on the same machine?


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  hi mike,

  > I finished my second Scribus document today and went to export it to
  > PDF only to get the following error:
  > "Scribus crashes due to the following exception: UNKNOWN EXCEPTION"
  > I thought was "stable"?

  1.3.6 would have set your house on fire... so, yes, has to be considered a stable version!

  on a more serious track:

  - in the computer world, stable does not mean that there are no bugs. mostly, it means that there are no known serious problem with the software and that the specific version will not get new feature but only bug fixes (so, theoretically, no new bugs will show up)

  - you may try to move a copy of your sla to another directory, open it with scribus (the images should not show) and produce a pdf: if if then works, it means that you have not enought RAM for the job... (yes, scribus *is* hungry!)

  - you may try to upload your .sla to http://bugs.scribus.net<http://bugs.scribus.net/> (you can mark it as private to only let the devs see it) and see if somebody can reproduce / fix it.


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