[scribus] Press request

Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Tue Sep 29 21:58:37 CEST 2009

Craig escribió:
> No, you tried to send it in HTML format.. we don't like that so the
> mailing list will remove the attachments.

> Erm, is the publisher serious? Do they understand open source software?
> Why would you ask for a previous version to distribute when you can
> download any single version and put that on a CD?
> Craig
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Well... i'm immerse in opensource and freedom software for about 12 
years, and didn't notice Scribus existence until i needed a publishing 
option for use on linux (ending year 2007).
Maybe he still has that old idea about GNU is only for crazy geeks who 
love to be in front of a black screen and green characters. (know some 
of them -the geeks-)
We have to be aware that there are a bunch of people who don't even know 
Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice, so not even talk about Scribus. (wich i 
didn't know existed until i needed it)

So, maybe, he's just browsing for software generically, randomly (or 
it's maybe a bot doing that job) and didn't realize Scribus is open 
source, or even he does not understand opensource and/or freedom sofware.

As I have found that there are many great projects tied to a free 
distribution chain, wich often is not too distributive, and end up being 
buried by a lack of funding for marketing, i thougth this could be a 
good chance to say a big "Hello world"

¿What makes closedsource/ paid software been sold? ¿results? ¿ease of 
use? ¿stability? ¿portability? ¿support?... no... illusions!!! ¿how can 
you sell illusions?.... ON MARKETING CAMPAIGNS!!!.

So, i think a little marketing for freedom software and opensource could 
be a huge push forward.
Even better, to offer that magazine giving the software also make that 
issue using the provided software. ¿what could be more effective than 
showing the very ressults? (i'm a dreamer, i know)

Best regards.

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