[scribus] Press request

Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Tue Sep 29 14:36:00 CEST 2009

(something strange happened to my last message, so i send it again, sorry)

I guess a serious answer could be something more appropriate regarding 
the kind of offer being "offered".
If we start kidding, the publisher (editor) could think Scribus is not a 
serious venture, or the people behind it does not take it serious.

Off course, i may not be the most indicated person to say that, but i 
believe a little push up(publicity) like the ones provided to closed 
source applications could be a nice thing to Scribus.

Who knows, maybe HjemmePC could make the issue "issuing" Scribus "using" 
(in spanish this has sense, hope on english too)
Who knows, maybe HjemmePC could make the issue(edition) 
"issuing"(providing) Scribus "using" Scribus.

Greetings and best regards.

P.S. if help needed to issue that magazine using Scribus(or teach), i 
offer as a volunteer.

Editor HjemmePC escribió:
> Hi, I am a edtitor for the norwegian computer magazine called "HjemmePC"
> Each month I am collecting good software to be included in our 
> magazine. Sometimes we also ask about full version covermount, which 
> means we are given an old full version of you program, with upgrade 
> offer to the latest for our readers. I am excited to ask if this is 
> something that could be of interest for you. You will off course be 
> given editorial review and space in both our magazine and our software 
> section on web. I hope to hear from you soon
> Best Regards
> Kent Kjernes
> Editor of Computer Magazine "HjemmePC"
> press at hjemmepc.no
> Fax: +47 67 21 40 83
> About the magazine
> HjemmePC is published by HM Nordic
> (http://www.hm-media.no/eway/?pid=196) and covers the increasingly 
> active and growing home market. Using easily understandable language, 
> HjemmePC increases its readers' knowledge of computers and the latest 
> innovations in computers and computer products.
> Internet: www.hjemmepc.no
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