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Thomas Kratz tpk at spirituelles-portal.de
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I'm getting pdfs from different people in order to make a magazine.
When I directly put them in to scribus with the "Bild laden" function, 
the resolution is shown as 72dpi.

When I import them into gimp, I can choose the resolution 300dpi and 
then save them as tif, and then the resolution in scribus is shown as 
300dpi in the proper size.

Is it possible to get the pdfs into scribus directly with 300dpi? Or how 
do I do it best, if the gimp-way is not perfect.


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jwminer at accessvt.com schrieb:
> John wrote:
>> Downloaded [VectorLinux] again, installed again and this time it
> worked. It has
>> both Scribus and Inkscape 46.  I still have lots of clean
>> up to
>> do, like getting on line and installing kmail, but now I can report
>> a
>> positive experience.
> Scribus should be available in the repos in a few days. I'm
> a volunteer packager and have created a tlz package for Scribus
> I have to submit it to the packagers' board and if it
> passes inspection, it will be posted in the VL testing repo. After
> there is enough feedback, it'll be moved to the regular repos.
> Next I'll tackle 1.3.5. After that it'll be Fontmatrix. I had hoped
> to get and 1.3.5 packaged months ago but I had too many
> interruptions during the summer.
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