[scribus] problem with story editor

Thomas Kratz tpk at spirituelles-portal.de
Sun Sep 27 11:43:02 CEST 2009


there are two questions with the story editor.

I defined several styles, "fließtext", "heading1", ...

1) How can I apply one style to several paragraph? I only manage to 
change the style of one paragraph, even if I choose several paragraphs.
2) When I paste a text into the story editor, the style in the story 
managers shows "fließtext", but on the page it is displayed as 
"heading1". Is this a bug?

I'm using

And a suggestion (or question): I find it inconvinient to need 3 clicks 
in order to choose a style. I'd find it better if the first click would 
enable the drop down list for the styles and the "edit style" dialog 
could be reached through a different button. Or is there are direct way 
to choose the styles.

Nice Sunday

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