[scribus] Business Cards from Scribus?

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Sep 24 12:21:42 CEST 2009

> Quite a few of the PDF handling programmes around have a default setting
> that makes them take care that all content gets printed within the attached
> printers margins, often called 'Scaling'. The symptoms you describe, the
> 'drifting' leftwards/upwards, are consistent with this 'scaling' setting being
> active.

Yes, that was the first thing I thought of when I read his problems.
One should never assume that prints are to scale and centered, unless
it has been verified.

Lesson 1

Create a document of the correct paper size, one page is sufficient.

Draw a box on the page, giving you four lines at a fixed distance from
each edge (if american you can use 1 inch, I usually make two boxes,
one 10 mm from the edge and one 25 mm from the edge). In Scribus you
can use the properties palette or use guides.

Print the page.

Take a ruler and measure from the edge of the sheet to your lines.
This tells you if your prints are to the right scale and correctly

For some printers you need to take an average of several prints,
because the paper feed is not accurate.


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