[scribus] Business Cards from Scribus?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Sep 24 10:28:50 CEST 2009

hi doc,

1. creating a pdf and printing it is a sensible workflow.

2. you seem to have prooblems with your printer configuration

3. or you have chosen the wrong paper format.

... or maybe scribus has a problem. but if you don't show up what kind
of scribus document you ended up with, it's very hard to understand
what went wrong...


p.s.: i've never had placement issues with multiple duplicate... 

> Gregory Pittman said the following at 09/19/2009 06:46 AM :
> > An alternative plan is to use Multiple Duplicate.
> > 
> > First, make an individual frame and create the card contents. This
> > could also include superimposed graphics, which you then group.
> > 
> > Next, use Multiple Duplicate to copy the required number of times
> > for columns. Versions 1.3.5+ allow you to either specify an offset
> > from the prior copy or a gap between frames/groups.
> > 
> > Finally, select the row of frames/groups you have just made and
> > again Multiple Duplicate down the page for the required number of
> > rows on your sheet. Obviously, you can do rows first, columns
> > second if you wish.
> I have just spent an hour trying to build a page of Avery 8160 mailing
> labels... and have given up :-(
> Before I try to describe the problem(s) I experienced, I have to say
> that with Publisher I simply created the label and sent it to the
> printer, and it worked fine first time.
> That said, with Scribus, and the same printer, I simply could not get
> the labels to line up properly, at least not with any rational values
> for the location and separation of the labels.
> 8160 labels are 2.625" x 1". There are three labels to a row and ten
> columns on a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. The upper left hand label by
> measurement has a left border 0.125" from the left of the paper, and
> a top border 0.500" from the top of the paper.
> So the first thing I did was to create a label entirely in a 2.625" x
> 1" frame at (x, y) = (0.125, 0.500) on a letter-sized sheet.
> Just sending that to the printer resulted in an immediate problem: the
> resultant label prints about 0.5" too low, and about 0.125" to the
> left. I have no idea why.
> So I changed (x, y) to (0.250, 0.0). The first label then printed in
> the right place (or at least a reasonable place), although I don't
> understand at all why I needed to adjust the (x, y) values, nor how I
> could have known what the right adjustment was without printing a
> test label.
> By measurement, the separation between labels on the sheet
> horizontally is 0.15625" (5/32"); vertically it is 0.00".
> If I put those values into "Multiple Duplicate", though , the
> resulting printed labels do not register properly on the sheet...
> labels drift leftward (with respect to the physical paper labels) as
> one moves to the right on the sheet; they also drift upwards as on
> goes down the sheet.
> It is doubtless true that by adjusting the "Multiple Duplicate"
> values I could have ended up (eventually) with a whole sheet of
> labels that register correctly on the paper.
> I do not understand why any of this is necessary, though. Maybe my
> measurements are off, although I don't think they can be off by much.
> However, given that Publisher manages to do the right thing without
> any fuss, I went back to that.
> Please note that I am not complaining; I am simply reporting my
> experience as a naïf but not completely stupid user. It is perfectly
> possible (indeed it seems likely) that the problems were a result of
> operator error... but I did what seemed sensible to me, and ended up
> completely confused as to why things weren't working the way I
> expected. So some sort of precise, correct set of instructions to
> help people like me might be really useful. Even better would be some
> sort of macro that does all the "right stuff" (whatever the "right
> stuff" is) so that the user can be pretty confident that labels (and
> business cards) will print properly without the need for knowledge
> that this user at least doesn't have.
>   Doc
> PS To print, I had to export to PDF and then print the PDF. Printing
> directly to the printer locked up the printer every time. I had never
> tried printing directly from Scribus to a printer before. I have no
> idea why it failed; no other application has trouble printing to the
> printer (which is physically attached to a server machine). Maybe
> being forced to go through the step of producing a PDF prior to
> printing was the cause of some or all of the problems.

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