[scribus] Scribus: Business cards templates

Victor Papp victor at vpapp.com
Mon Sep 21 17:35:48 CEST 2009

This is why masterpages are for: put repeating objects (logos, lines, background images) into master page.
Make a separate page (90x50mm, with bleeds if needed ) - for each person. So, you end up with a N-page document.
Now multiple duplicate is useless. But with pstops you can impose cards in seconds.

Why do you need database driven scripts here?
Masterpage + layers + psutils = fast, easy and flexible.


>Yep, I did exactly that, using a document where a locked layer acts as guides both for the layout and the cutting (light grey dotted lines set up as a "super >grid"). Multiple copy paste and align/distibute help ensure even spacing.
>There is still an issue with further changes - and with business cards you may have to make one for each employee, but make sure all elements are still in the >same exact place, or add/modify a phone extension, modify the exact job title... the copy/paste and alignment proved time consuming.

>I guess this is once more a call for database-driven scripts, where the number of cards for each person would be set by multiple identical lines, to keep it >simple.

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