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I do business cards the following way:
1. I setup document size to 90 x 50 mm (stnadart business card size)
2. Make the card and print to Postscript file, say "1.ps"
3. Then using pstops postscript utility i impose the cards the way I need, like this:

pstops -w90mm -h50mm "12:0+0(1w,0)+0(2w,0)+0(0,1h)+0(1w,1h)+0(2w,1h)+0(0,2h)+0(1w,2h)+0(2w,2h)+0(0,3h)+0(1w,3h)+0(2w,3h)+" 1.ps 2.ps

This above imposes 12 business cards into one sheet of A4 Landscape paper.

Then I rotate the 12 cards 90° counterclockwise (to make tha page portrait) and center them on it:

pstops -w270mm -h200mm "1:0L(205mm,13mm)" 2.ps 3.ps

And finally I convert it to PDF using ghostscript

ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE#a4 -dAutoRotatePages=/None -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress 3.ps cards.pdf

I piut the commands above into a script file and have it in my home folder for reuse.



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I have MS publisher on another (older) PC that's not mine.  But it's what I
had when I developed a business card (attached)

So far Openoffice has satisfied my needs and allowed me to avoid MS Office
on this PC but this task has me stumped.

I like Scribus' ability to outline letters so I'll re-do the card (no need
to convert it) in Scribus.

Soooo... How do I develop a business card in Scribus and print it 10-up on
Avery Form # 8879?


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