[scribus] Typesetting of books

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sat Sep 19 08:24:53 CEST 2009

laurin Mckinnon a écrit :
> I've recently done a 400+ page novel (though with minimal graphics) and
> it seemed ok to me. Granted it did take a bit of time to open the file,
> preflight (if there were problems), save and print, but I don't think it
> was excessive. Corrections went in at proof stage in page view (ie not
> in the story editor) as fast as the editor and I could work. I've
> previously found that giving Scribus a reasonable of processor power and
> memory makes a considerable difference. As does having the latest
> software, both system and Scribus. I'm currently running Scribus 1.3.5
> and Debian jaunty on a P4 2,8MHz, 2GB ram; hardly a monster setup.

waow !

> It'd be interesting to know others' current experiences with long
> documents.

it is the first such statement i read on this list.
and with wysiwyg editing !

very encouraging !


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