[scribus] Trouble compiling newest svn versions under ubuntu jaunty

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 15 15:10:08 CEST 2009

On 09/15/2009 08:56 AM, Luí­s Ricardo Câmara wrote:
> Hi, everybody
> From time to time I recompile my scribus install using these 
> instructions: http://www.boyden.us/scribus.html . The problem is, my 
> last successful installation was from 16/6/09. By now, I always get 
> the same error when trying the make command, wich is:
> /opt/scribus/scribus135svn_src/scribus/prc/exportPRC.cpp: In member 
> function ‘void PRCExporter::convertFile(QString, PageItem_OSGFrame*)’:
> /opt/scribus/scribus135svn_src/scribus/prc/exportPRC.cpp:210: error: 
> could not convert ‘frame->PageItem_OSGFrame::loadedModel’ to ‘bool’
> make[2]: ** [scribus/prc/CMakeFiles/scribus_prc_lib.dir/exportPRC.o] 
> Erro 1
> make[1]: ** [scribus/prc/CMakeFiles/scribus_prc_lib.dir/all] Erro 2
> make: ** [all] Erro 2
> I'm trying for the past 2 months and had never succeeded again. 
> Please, can someone help me with this? Is there a problem with the 
> source code, or is it with my Ubuntu Jaunty?
Hi Luís,

First try deleting your svn and checkout from scratch.


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