[scribus] PDF image crashing Scribus

John Harrold john.m.harrold at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 19:49:14 CEST 2009


I have a PDF figure in Scribus that I created in Inkscape (Inkscape -->
export to PDF). When ever I try to create a PDF in Scribus of my document
it crashes when the PDF created in Inkscape is part of the document. When I
remove that pdf and have others I've also created in Inkscape present, I
can save the Scribus document as a PDF just fine. 

I've uploaded a zip file with a minimal example of what I'm experiencing.
The file 'test.sla' contains a document with the pdf I'm having trouble
with. The file 'test.pdf' is how far it gets in the export before Scribus
dies.  The Inkscape output I'm trying to put into Scribus is 'image.pdf',
and 'crash_report.txt' is the file report generated by OS X when Scribus


I was hoping someone could give me some idea of what I'm doing in image.pdf
that is causing the system to crash. 


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