[scribus] Linux vs Windows for Scribus ?

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 20:43:38 CEST 2009

Hi Jeffrey,

On 9/8/09, Jeffrey Silverman <jeffrey.d.silverman at gmail.com> wrote:
> ... I always recommend Mint at this point as my first suggestion. It
> is like Ubuntu++, and Ubuntu is pretty good. Mint comes with all of
> the good things about Ubuntu[1] and adds extra polish, ease of use,
> tools, and features.

You are right as far as usability and out-of-the-box working
functionality is concerned. I tried all the distros and only Kubuntu's
broadband functionality worked out of the box. It helps when you don't
have time to tinker with setting up of different distros. Based on
Kubuntu's experience and your suggestion, I am also currently
downloading Mint.



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