[scribus] Scribus photo & printer profiles

Robert Marma robert_marma at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 7 16:34:02 CEST 2009

Jeffrey (or anyone else who cares to comment),
  Well, it appears that I inadvertently created a firestorm of controversy--or at least discussion--with my naïve and completely innocent query regarding the choice between Windows and Linux for using Scribus!  This simple inquiry appears to have unveiled a host of issues that went well beyond anything I originally envisioned--the latest of which I find compelling, since I shoot a lot of digital photos myself.
  In my case, the images are used primarily to document personal events involving mostly my children and grandchildren, and for those, the quality is not critical and the color does not need to be absolutely consistent—as long as they are well focused/composed and generally look good.  However, I also expect to take photographs for a newsletter that I have been helping someone produce for a ministry, and for those I would like to see consistently good color balance.  I have what I consider a reasonably high quality consumer camera [12 mp with 24 x optical zoom], so image quality and detail are not issues.  I checked Kodak’s web site, but couldn’t find any appropriate download links, other than one offering the usual installation software and user manuals, so I left a message for someone in Kodak’s technical support staff to see if they offer profile downloads for my camera, but I have so far not heard from anyone.  If they offer any, I
 that they would be optimized for their products, such as printers, paper, ink toner, etc.  -—this from reading the knowledgeable comments posted on this site [believe me, thanks to you folks, and to paraphrase Obi Won Kin obi in the original “Star Wars” movie, I’ve stepped into “a much larger world”].
  Do you think I’m just wasting my time with this inquiry, or is it genuinely worth pursuing?  Please bear in mind that I’m not yet sure exactly how these newsletters ultimately will be printed, but initially I’ll probably use a near-photo-quality consumer inkjet printer [2400 x 1200 dpi] to prepare the masters, which then will be commercially photocopied at Kinko’s or Staples.  I suppose I’ll eventually have to investigate profiles for that printer [whatever is it is], as well.  Eventually, with God’s help, we’ll send the masters to a commercial print shop for large-scale copying, but for now I suspect a local color photocopy service is the best way to go.
  At the risk of bothering this esteemed group of experts yet once again, I would appreciate any guidance or advice you or your visitors can offer me in my quest for profiles, since it appears I will need them once I get this newsletter in full production.  Thank you all again for your patience and kindness in being willing to guide The Newbie.


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