[scribus] Linux vs Windows for Scribus ?

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sun Sep 6 02:07:38 CEST 2009

Steven Dayton wrote:

> I will look into these two. There are so many to choose from which make it
> difficult to make a decision. I'm not sure about this machine. it is at
> least four years old and only has 256 megs of ram on it and probably not a
> very fast processor anyway.

Sounds as if it should run w2k OK ?

> I am just using this as a test machine right now
> because I didn't have to lay out any money for it. There are some other
> problems as well with screen breaking up into random patterns in portions of
> the screen. This seems to happen especially when I am running Firefox.

Grotty old win 85 device driver ?  A change of OS might fix ?

Cheers, J/.
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