[scribus] Colour Profiles

Hal V. Engel hvengel at astound.net
Sat Sep 5 17:56:24 CEST 2009

On Friday 04 September 2009 03:08:18 pm John Beardmore wrote:
> Hal V. Engel wrote:
> > You are correct about the Windows situation.  In fact 3rd party
> > drivers/RIPs are generally very expensive and in most cases require
> > specialized work flows. The situation for *nix and OS/X users is somewhat
> > different because the GutenPrint drivers have many features in common
> > with high end RIPs and it is steadily getting more of this type of
> > functionality over time.  There are many *nix and OS/X GutenPrint users
> > who use it like it was an ordinary printer driver who do not even know
> > how powerful it is.   With a specialized front end like PhotoPrint the
> > GutenPrint drivers can also be used in Windows although you would need to
> > do all of your printing outside of the normal apps print dialogs to use
> > it (IE. GutenPrint + PhotoPrint = a RIP like environment).
> OK -  but is PhotoPrint available for windows at all ?  The web site, if
> I'm looking at the right one seem to imply not ?

It was originally only for *nix.  But later the author ported it to OS/X and 
recently to Windows.  But you are correct that this may not be apparent when 
looking at the web site.

> So how is the 'rip like environment' accessed from say Scribus under
> windows ?

It's not.  All RIPs are standalone.

> All academic for me perhaps as there doesn't deem to be a GutenPrint
> driver for the Dell 5110cn printer.

GutenPrint is limited to Epson, Canon and HP printers mostly.  Like all FOSS 
software resources are limited and if someone does not step forward to add 
support for a particular feature/hardware then this support will be missing.

> Cheers, J/.

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