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Sat Sep 5 04:38:20 CEST 2009

Bryan wrote:
> Does anyone know if there are any Scribus versions out there still
> available for download that work on Windows 95?  I know it's
> ancient, but I have a guy that has an old computer.  He's into
> graphic art, but has never used computers.  Someone gave him this
> old computer, he wants to see if it's something he would use before
> buying one....

There is a free version of Serif PagePlus SE that states it will run
on Windows 95. I've used PagePlus a few times on Windows and it is
easy to use (or as easy as DTP apps are inclined to be). Take a look

I assume that if your friend likes the graphic apps that will run on
that old computer, he'll buy a new one. Ubuntu is not going to run
well on a Win95-era computer if it has Win95-era RAM (32 megs being
a large amount back then). VectorLinux 6 Light is a better choice,
as confirmed by several Ubuntu refugees who migrate to VL and the
VectorLinux forums. However, even VectorLinux Light will limp with
64 megs of RAM and is much more satisfactory with 96 megs or 128
megs. Even at that, Scribus is a demanding application (as are Gimp
and Inkscape and Firefox and OpenOffice or AbiWord, which is no
longer so light). If your friend has never used a computer, he may
not enjoy sitting around tapping his fingers waiting for an app to
load or do much of anything.

I always say put Linux on your best computer, not the clunker, if
you want to see what Linux is really capable of. Your friend has the
advantage of not having the Windows way of doing things ingrained in
him and half the battle in using Linux is recognizing that it's not
Windows and doesn't always work "the Windows way." When a new user
starts with Linux, the Linux way seems the normal way. In day to day
use, Linux is no harder than Windows and maybe easier because
avoiding malware is much easier in Linux.
--Judy M.

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