[scribus] Lines in text frame disappear on PDF export

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Fri Sep 4 19:08:03 CEST 2009

On Fri, 04 Sep 2009 10:12:21 +0200
"a.l.e" <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch> dijo:

> hi jjj
> > I have a student workbook created in 1.3.5 RC3. There are lines for the
> > student to write their answers on for four of the exercises. I created
> > the lines in Scribus and then pasted them into the text frames. The
> > lines in question are .5 point and in varying lengths.
> >
> > The lines all appear fine on the printout when I print directly from
> > Scribus. But if I export from Scribus as PDF all the lines in two of
> > the exercises do not make it into the PDF. The weird part is why the
> > lines in the other two exercises do export and appear fine. As I
> > created the exercises, I copied and pasted the lines used in the
> > preceding exercises, adjusting them only for length. In other words,
> > all the lines have the same properties except for length.
> >
> > This may be a bug, but before I run off to Mantis I thought I'd ask
> > here. Maybe I failed to think of something.

> are the lines behind the text frame?

No, they're *in* the text frame. The purpose is to create a space for
students to write an answer.

In the first exercise where I used the lines I created the line with
the line tool and adjusted it with the properties palette. Before doing
anything else I sent it it to the scrapbook for future use. Then I cut
it to the clipboard and pasted it multiple times into the text in the
canvas as inline graphics. For the other three exercises I repeated
the actions except that I dragged the line from the scrapbook and
just adjusted it for length instead of creating it anew.

I am at a loss as to why the lines failed to make it to the PDF for two
of the four exercises, as the process was identical. Of course, there
must be *something* different. This is 1.3.5 RC3, so it could well be a
bug. But I wouldn't accomplish much by filing a bug report unless I can
make it reproducible.

I am thinking that I could get rid of the lines and use tabs with an
underline instead. The only reason I used lines as inline graphics is
force of habit - few programs can adjust the underline attribute, and I
find the default is too thick and too high, so I have always used
actual lines instead.

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