[scribus] Huge PDF, need suggestions

Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Fri Sep 4 02:36:16 CEST 2009

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I was some time ago, a couple of years in a similar situation.


Hello, my name is Richard, nice to met you all.

Now....., i was some time ago, maybe a couple of years ago in a similar 
situation, having a lot of problems to print a 700/800MB "CorelDraw" 
catalog. (not my creation/idea/anything)

Then i started using Scribus and made exactly the same work, but ending 
with usable and of course big PDF files.
At the beggining the problems were with transparencies, Adobe Reader 
didn`t print transparencies correctly, every page where a transparency 
were used appeared with some strange banding (bands, white stripes, 
etc), but the major issue come with the file size, it took forever to 
print when didn't froze my computer. I had a 3000MHz Athlon with 1 GB 
RAM, but the same happened when using a 2.5(ish)GHz Athlon64 and 2GB DDR2

I ended using Foxit reader, a lot faster and not even one issue on 
transparencies. It worked flawlessly on my K7 3000
Give it a try, then tell if it works for you. Is a small program, easy 
to install, easy to uninstall. Is the option i`m using now, since Adobe 
reader made me very sick.

Greetings and best regards.

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