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I find Scribus an incredible layout program which I have used on Linux since
version 0.8. Because it's Free, Opensource software, not all users will want
perfection in colours, or professional standards, just a simple way of
matching what they see on the printer to what is on the screen. Maybe a test
page where you give it a photo to print, and instead of printing one copy,
it prints 9, 16 or even 25 on one sheet, numbered, and asks what is nearest
to what you see on screen. The number you choose reflects the balance of the
final print.

Apart from the occasional newsletter, where colour accuracy is not an issue,
I use Scribus to print photos to fit frames. For example if I have a few
15cm x 10cm ( 6" x 4") clip frames, I can make three software frames that
size, adjust the dimensions of the pictures so I get the part I want to see
in the real frame, printed, and rotating the frames if necessary, fit 3 onto
an A4 sheet of photo paper. I don't need professional colour accuracy, I
just want it to be pleasing to my eye.

So maybe what I really want is that, alongside the use of icc profiles etc.,
there is also a "quick and dirty" method. I get the impression that John
Beardmore wants something similar.

Meanwhile, if anyone can let me know a good printer profile that will make
the output from my Photosmart 7760 a little lighter than not using any
profiles, or knows where to find a suitable icc file, I would be grateful.


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> Gregory Pittman wrote:
> > On 09/02/2009 04:35 PM, davecs wrote:
> > One mistake some make with local printers (ie, one attached to your
> > computer) is to use the "Printer" setting for the Color tab in PDF
> > Export. You really should use the Screen/Web setting most of the time.
> > You might also check your printer settings in your OS.
> > Setting Printer is for when you take your work to a commercial printer.
> So could the print controls say
>     "Screen / Web / Local Printer"
> and
>     "CYMK process printer"
> or some such form of words ?
> Clearer terminology might reduce the number of times this question gets
> asked, and it's presumably a relatively simple fix ?
> Cheers, J/.
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