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Steven Dayton daytonmeister at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 19:48:31 CET 2009

2009/10/30 Victor Papp <victor at vpapp.com>

> May I ask you to write on English.
> Not everybody understand German.

Probably a good suggestion.

But then again this has been fun for me as I speak German and am trying to
keep up on it so this has been good to see if I can understand what is being
said and learning some new words.

I get my email via gmail and I have a Lab installed in my gmail account that
does a fair job at translating messages that come in when I tell it to. Like
I say it isn't flawless translation but the few messages in this thread that
I have tried out getting them into English have been close enough for at
least me to get the gist.

Anyway I look forward to these improvements in some of the UI that is being
talked about.

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