[scribus] custom line styles usage existing and maybe a suggestion

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Mon Oct 26 20:20:40 CET 2009

a comment if I may,
the v1.3.5.1 release anouncement says
"A new line editor for custom line styles"
I wasn't too sure what this meant or how to use so I tried
"line editor" and "custom lines styles"
in Help, in Google, and in the scribus faq and wiki search
nothing in help, and everything else only showed the release announcement.

So I haven't yet found a way to see detail or tutorial on what the above 
actually definitively meant or would provide.

a suggestion and or question as how to go about suggesting it (assuming 
it hasn't already)
I'm assuming the line edit and custom line styles all relate to the Line 
and Colours sections of the properties dialog?
If so I have played around with that and basically I think established 
that I can create lines where the variations are limited to dots or 
dashes and to change the colour of the solid part only.
Is that correct ?
I tried to apply colour gradients and the like but it did not seem to 
have much affect?

What I would like (and I know a number of others will want if we were to 
convince them of the merits of scribus) is a means to do more with the 
line more akin to "border art" in Publisher.

So if it is not already possible would applying a "pattern" i.e. 
crosshatching or colour gradients be possible. Or maybe embedding at 
least one char or maybe a string of char from a spooky font (e.g. from 
wingdings)  that can be repeated i.e. an asterisk or a star and that 
could be controlled like the line controls existing (e.g. four asterisks 
side by side a gap of some amount and then repeat the pattern four 
asterisks, space etc.)

Is any of the above already possible ?

Would it be a reasonable thing to add ?

Is it the sort of thing that we could maybe look into coding and 
contribute ?


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