[scribus] Press request

Kent Kjernes kent at hjemmepc.no
Sat Oct 24 23:50:02 CEST 2009

Hi there
The screenshot would be fine in English, since our readers are use to this
I would like to have it in magazine quality, max 1/2 page A4 size quality

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Sendt: 10. oktober 2009 08:39
Til: Kent Kjernes; 'Scribus User Mailing List'
Emne: Re: [scribus] Press request

dear kent,

> Thanks. Could you send me some direct links for download and also if
> you have some screenshots?

you didn't react to greg's answer so... here i am again.

i can send you some screenshots, but they will be in english and
done with a linux system...
you probably want them in norvegian and for windows...

it's not clear to me, what exactly you you want to show, in which
size, ...
it's difficult to send you a good screenshot without having such
information (you may give us a link to a typical page where you will
mention scribus...)

have a nice day

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