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On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 22:02, Christoph Schäfer
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No snobbery at all. 80% of Scribus issues that can't be resolved are related
> to Ubuntu, and the reason is that Canonical is heavily modifying the Qt
> libraries used by Scribus. As a result, Scribus and other Qt programs, like
> Fontmatrix, cease to work reliably in some cases. Ubuntu doesn't have a
> monopoly here, and we had issues with earlier versions of SUSE Linux as
> well
> in the past, but these are gone now. That's no guarantee for the future,
> and
> we don't know what issues with modified Qt versions on other distros will
> surface in the future, but currently, *buntu is the culprit.
> Scribus is developed according to the official Qt documentation and relies
> on
> distros assuring compatibility. Ubuntu has failed to provide this
> compatibility for years already. And despite Ubuntu's popularity, we won't
> adapt to their modifications, one reason being that Scribus is
> cross-platform, i.e. also available for Windows, OS X, OS/2 and some Unix
> versions. Please do not expect us to break Scribus on all other distros and
> platforms just to please Ubuntu.

Now this was useful to me at least. I didn't know any of this stuff about
Ubuntu and Scribus. For the most part I have liked working with Ubuntu
except for the graphics apps. I am really wanting to get into OpenSUSE even
more now and give it a try. I will still keep Ubuntu on this old machine
just because it is interesting. So thanks for this information. It helps to
understand a little about what is going on.


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