[scribus] Text overflow when text frame height reduced

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 8 14:21:47 CEST 2009

On 10/08/2009 12:21 AM, Christoph Schäfer wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009 05:29:16 schrieb William Kenny:
>> Thanks Chris, but this does not seem to be the prob. I added letters
>> ygj and the descender part is quite small and there is loads of space
>> below
> Scribus uses the data provided by the font, and there may very well be glyphs
> whose descender is larger than e.g. the "tail" of a "y". Even if there is no
> such glyph, the font may still contain these data.
To say this in a slightly different way, the font data will define an 
area for its glyphs, which include not only the actual part of the glyph 
that we see, but also variable empty space around the actual glyph.

This can be a problem is where one wants to show the border or maybe a 
background color of the frame very tightly spaced around the text. The 
workaround is to use another frame of arbitrary type in front of or 
behind the text frame to achieve the desired result.

Some have argued that the text should simply display, even if it's 
chopped off. Others, including the devs, think this would a very 
undesirable behavior when doing layout, sending work to a commercial 
printer, only to find afterward that text is partially or entirely 
missing. This is also why we strongly advise against shutting off error 
messages from the Preflight Verifier.


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