[scribus] object is imported pdf file

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 8 12:15:35 CEST 2009

JLuc wrote:
> JLuc a écrit :
>> Thomas Kratz a écrit :
>>> I now tried to open the pdf with gimp, save it as tif and then 
>>> import it into gimp. When I then export, the result in the adobe 
>>> reader looks much better. 
>> If gimp does treat these correctly and with no fussy Color Matters,
>> why couldn't scribus do such so as to easen everyday user's life ?
> is there no reason or just no answer ?

well, i guess that gimp may not care as much about quality details as 

so, scribus simply will refuse to use wrong defined color profiles, 
where gimp tries to match them as good as possible.

the two apps have different tasks, so they behave differently: in gimp 
you can check on screen if the result is ok (so you will be able to see 
if the match is ok for you), with scribus you probably won't notice the 
difference before you get the printed result from your print shop (and 
it will be too late to notice it!)

but you may also have found a bug in scribus. but i can't judge from the 
few lines above (and i am too lazy to look at the rest of the thread 
right now: lunch is ready!)


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