[scribus] Exploit.PDF.b.gen

Thomas Kratz tpk at spirituelles-portal.de
Tue Oct 6 14:59:33 CEST 2009


somebody whom I sent a pdf generated with scribus told me that she got a 
virus message, telling that the attachment would contain Exploit.PDF.b.gen

I already scanned my computer with 2 different Virus Programms and with 
McAfee in the quick modus, which I just installed. Nothing was found. In 
the moment McAfee is running with the long modus, but this seems to take 

But: whenever I export a pdf with scribus, an alert from McAfee pops up 
that he found this virus in the file I just created and deletes this file.

Is there a known issue with Exploit.PDF.b.gen and Scribus?


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