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Thomas Kratz tpk at spirituelles-portal.de
Tue Oct 6 14:04:20 CEST 2009

Hi Sveinn,

thanks for your elaborate and helpfull answer.

My aim in the moment is not to become an DTP-Expert, but just to make a 
magazine of 20 pages, DINA4. The quality should not be such, that 
graphic experts and professional printers go into extasy and rapture. :-)
But the people, who send me their pdfs should be able to recognize their 
adverts on the first look and not ask me, what I have done to their 
photos and colors.

I now tried to open the pdf with gimp, save it as tif and then import it 
into gimp. When I then export, the result in the adobe reader looks much 
better. Is this solid a way?

Hope this email comes as pure text, as a.l.e suggested ...

Thanks again

Sveinn í Felli schrieb:
> I don't know anything about CM on WinXP, maybe you can
> install a specific program or an add-on to do this.
> But in Scribus the logic way is to go into
> 'File-->Preferences' and scroll down the options
> (General/Document/...) and see if the ColorManagement option
> is present. You'll probably have to activate it, but that is
> of no use unless you have some decent ICC-profiles on your
> system. You can google for "icc adobe profiles" or similar
> to get some generic ones.
> CM is not specificially a Scribus thing, CM should be done
> system wide; the obvious first device to control with CM is
> the monitor (and you may have some surprises!).
> But CM is a sort of black magick until one understands what
> it does for the OS, the profiles are device-dependent and
> the devices (monitor/printer/etc...) are not stable over
> time; meaning that for accurate CM you have to make your own
> profiles and/or get some from your printshops.
> There are many pages on CM on the web. It's really like
> plunging into a deep pool...
> Hope I'm not telling too much crap here... :-/
> Cheers,
> Sveinn í Felli
> Thomas Kratz wrote:
>> Which window??? I'm using (on Vista). Shall I upgrade?
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>> a.l.e schrieb:
>>> hi thomas
>>>> "To change ICC-profile, there's a drop-down box for input
>>>> profiles under the 'Image'-tab in the 'Properties' palette. "
>>>> That's when I click the picture, press F2 and then click "Image",
>>>> right? There is no drop-down at my scribus. What do I have to do in
>>>> order to activate it? Would be happy about a link on the website, I
>>>> can't find a description for this CM-Thingy.
>>> the CM-thingy is is "color management" :-) and it is the fine part of
>>> scribus (and of other graphic apps) which ensures that color do match!
>>> you should have a small colored icon on the bottom right part of your
>>> window: click it to enable the color management (and mouse over it to
>>> find out which one is the right icon!)
>>> hth
>>> a.l.e
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