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Kent Kjernes kent at hjemmepc.no
Sun Oct 4 23:08:43 CEST 2009

Hei A.l.e,

Thanks. Could you send me some direct links for download and also if you
have some screenshots?

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Dear Mr. Kjernes

> Hi, I am a edtitor for the norwegian computer magazine called
> "HjemmePC" Each month I am collecting good software to be included in
> our magazine. Sometimes we also ask about full version covermount,
> which means we are given an old full version of you program, with
> upgrade offer to the latest for our readers. I am excited to ask if
> this is something that could be of interest for you. You will off
> course be given editorial review and space in both our magazine and
> our software section on web. I hope to hear from you soon

We are really pleased by your interest for Scribus.

You can certainly put a full version of Scribus for Windows in the
Software collection included with your magazine.
You may also add the development version for Mac OS X and the
instruction on how to get the stable or development version for Linux.

If you wish some support for the review, you may directly contact a member
of the Scribus team: you will find the full list of their email addresses in
the About window of the Software.

You may also reach the whole Scribus team by using the following webform:


This mailing list you have contacted (scribus at lists.scribus.net) is a good
place to grab information about the software and to get help from dedicated
Scribus specialists, but may be too loose to get a commitment (you may even
have got several unrelated answers to your requests).

Best regards
Alessandro Rimoldi

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