[scribus] (OT) Fontmatrix issues

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun Nov 22 05:44:07 CET 2009

I don't know of any other place to ask.

I have spent the past several days migrating from Ubuntu Jaunty to
Debian testing. In the process I did a lot of weeding of unneeded
fonts. I also installed a few that I did not have previously, including
the Larabie "straight" fonts. After seeing the Larabie fonts I
uninstalled them. I used Synaptic package manager for both actions. In
between I installed Fontmatrix. 

Now Fontmatrix lists the Larabie fonts, even though they are completely
uninstalled and not present on the computer. If I try to deactivate any
of the fonts in Fontmatrix I get a popup that says "unable to un-link."
Of course, it can't unlink - the file is no longer on the computer. I
can't find any way to refresh the Fontmatrix database of installed

Has anyone else encountered this? Any solutions or suggestions?

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