[scribus] Windows 7

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Nov 17 15:34:30 CET 2009

Richard wrote:
> a.l.e escribió:
>> Hi Richard,
>> (can i talk about Scribus? we are on a Scribus mailing list, aren't we?)
> If you want, you can talk about scribus whenever you want.
> Also if you like you can try to make humor, it may be a bit more 
> interesting than all that sarcasm you're using constantly, and maybe 
> others could start to think you're a human and have some sort of life.
> Oh... also, also, i should'nt forget it..... you may ignore any 
> message or complete thread you want if you like.
> EVEN you can make a filter on you email client/webmail page that 
> automa(g)ically erase incoming messages wich have certain text on 
> "subject" field, lets say: "Winows 7" and all those messages will be 
> erased instantly so you'll never back to see them wasting those 
> treasured KB on your so small hard drive.
> Ussually there is a "help" menu or a "?" symbol that you can click and 
> search on how to make message filters.

sorry for offensing you.

my goals was to suggest you and the 2/3 persons writing in this thread 
to move the discussion to a private mail exchange or another forum since 
it has really nothing to do with scribus and is getting a bit too lengthy.

i have not the say about what is allowed on this list and what not, and 
i'm not against having off topic mails in here.
but when a thread goes on and on, with mails from very few people, and 
the content never ever mentions anything slightly related to scribus or 
graphics art, i think that, then, it's time to move it to another place.

don't forget that all this mails are archived and that new users are 
supposed to browse and search through the archive.
now, people wondering if scribus works with windows 7 or not, will have 
to go through all this thread without finding anything usefull.
google searches also often link to the scribus mailing list (for now 
it's ok: the best match for "scribus windows 7" is 

(well, yes, my sarcastic mails are also archived and this is not a good 
thing, either.)

so. withouth any irony or sarcasm: can you please move future 
contribution to this thread to a private exchange or another forum?

have a nice day

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