[scribus] Open Office Fontwork And Scribus ?

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Tue Nov 17 14:21:09 CET 2009

If you can't live without Fontwork, you can always export it from OO.o 
Draw as
EPS, SVG or WMF and import the result as vectors into Scribus.

Thanks Christoph.
I can live without it, but some of my customers and kids don't seem to 
be able to.
I tried via svg, which worked to a degree, but depending on the fontwork 
there were issues.
Most or all of the issues would seem to be with/from OO.o Draw as I 
found same issues with inkscape.
I was helping a customer yesterday, and the only solution seemed to be 
trial error resizing in OO.o Draw
and cut and pasting to Gimp (or inkscape) and then cut and paste from 
there to an image frame.
It worked in the end, but obviously my customer felt this did not tick 
the "ease of use" box for them.
If I get the chance I will try and find out more from the OO side.

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