[scribus] Problem with pdf-online formular

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Nov 16 11:24:21 CET 2009

hallo hanke
>> So it is absolutly normal, that you can't send the information with
>> an e-mail program?
>> I followed the instructions of Dai's video on Show me do Homepage,
>> and there it looks like that there is an e-mail attachment in anyway.
>> Here's the link to the video : 
>> http://showmedo.com/videotutorials/video?name=1250090&fromSeriesID=125
>> By the way, I tried this on Ubuntu 9.10 and on Windows Vista. It's
>> the same result on both systems.
> no, it's not normal that you can't get adobe acrobat to send an email. still, i wonder if it is a problem with scribus or with adobe.
> (i get the the same result as you, but i'm sure that on my system no default mail program is installed and i don't have any of the mail clients proposed in the preferences).
> tomorrow, i will try the pdf on a mac where i now that the system is configured with a default mail client and post the result.
> can you also post the original .sla somewhere?

it works with acrobat on a mac (i didn't send the email, but it opened, 
with attachment, in Mail).

but, after this experience, i think i wouldn't ever want to send a form 
from a pdf...

i guess that adobe is trying to ensure our security by showing all those 
warnings, but -- imho -- at the end, the system is barely usable (and 
won't work for most people not using adobe acrobat; my Apple's Preview 
can't send the form, but it's an older version...)

hope that helps.

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